Take a swing

Eric Howeler and Meejin Yoon of the Boston firm Howeler and Yoon Architecture have transformed a temporary park in South Boston into a delightful surprise — glowing swings beckon old and young to curl up and sway in purple orbits. Meejin Yoon has a playful perspective on the public realm, and thrilled Xlab 2013 audiences. Please join us for Xlab 2014 on November 6.

Read more at Atlantic Cities:
Wait Your Turn for the Swings at Boston’s Adult Playground


Taptic/Haptic Feedback

applewatchdemo1How will game developers and navigation app developers use the Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine? At the launch on September 9th, Apple’s Kevin Lynch explained that the watch will tap you on the wrist to tell you whether to turn left or right as you follow a route on Apple Maps.

Soon we will able to literally (and gently) nudge visitors toward their destination—a real improvement over squinting at maps or obeying Siri’s commands…

How might the Apple Watch making traveling easier? The New York Times weighs in…